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LARPing and Pirates and Teatime, Oh My! 2010 DarkCon


LARPing and Pirates and Teatime, Oh My! 2010 DarkCon

Wow, what a convention. Held at the comfortable and personably staffed Grace Inn, DarkCon 2010 had such amazing guests as Marty Klebba of “Pirates of the Carribean” fame, and game writer John Wick of the “Houses of the Blooded” LARP. Topping off our headliners was our very own “Mad Hatter” Smitty, friend and longtime member whose presence is always a welcome treat. With such fantastic guests of honor, DarkCon 2010 was a resounding success.

Our fan-friendly weekend with a party to meet the guests on Thursday, one of the many benefits our hardworking chair people assembled for our exclusive VIP membership. Friday night was headlined by the rocking Steampunk Party and the wildly popular Wild West Steampunk Poker Tournament. Only the most dedicated and capable of card sharks stood a shot at sitting at the final table to win. Saturday afternoon was the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, the event named for our friend and guest Smitty. Victorian and Wonderland themed dress was optional, and appreciated. And all through the weekend ran LARPs of numerous systems, especially “Houses of the Blooded.” The creation of designer John Wick, players engage in courtly intrigue and deception as their noble houses jockey for power.


Convention Dates & Site

January 14 – 17, 2010

The Grace Inn at Ahwatukee
10831 S 51st St Phoenix, AZ 85044

DarkCon 2010 Committee

Chairperson: Ozzy
Historian: Shadowspawn
Exchequer: Night Flier
Kid’s Programming Coordinator: Nikki
Gaming Coordinator: Ivan Erickson
Programming Coordinator: Pagyn
Dark Suite Coordinator: Vinchenza
Hotel Liaison: Trillian
Business Liaison: Chris Campbell
Merchant Liaison: Joanna Webber
Registration: Markus
Volunteer Coordinator: Lady Thunder
Ambiance Coordinator: Margie
Special Projects: Smoke
Operations: DarkStar
Security: Aughtyr
Publicity: Tiffany (Mirage) Hartwig
Publications: Blackfeather
Photo Staff: Tihnkyr
LARP Coordinator: Snag
Guest Liaison: Lisa-Marie Brown
Staff Lounge: Benedict
VIP Coordinator: Sharan Hoyle
Group Coordinator: Teresa Kopaz
Dark Ones Liaison: Lief

Guests of Honor

Media Guest of Honor: Marty Klebba

Gaming Guest of Honor: John Wick

Fan Guest of Honor: Smitty “The Mad Hatter”

Programming Notes

Make & Take Workshops offered attendees lessons in building their own Steampunk costume props, such as goggles, fascinators, and weapons, which they could take home after completion.

Gaming was open till the very close of the convention Sunday afternoon, with LARPing beginning on Thursday evening, and tabletop and console gaming beginning Friday.



DarkCon Chair

Night Flier

Night Flier

DarkCon Exchequer



DarkCon Historian