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The Dark Ones' first convention - DarkCon 1995


From the Chair (From the DarkCon 1995 Program Book)

Welcome to DarkCon ’95, I am Shadowstalker of the Dark Ones, your chairman and host. We have talked of putting on DarkCon for more than three years. DarkCon is a full-scale science fiction and fantasy convention with a running theme of Middle Ages, Modern Ages, Future Ages (this year’s visual theme is medieval and renaissance) we have interests that span from ancient history to hard science and speculative fiction.

Over the years we’ve seen ideas implemented at conventions(local and across the multi-verse) that have either faded away or have never been tried here. DarkCon will strive to push the limits in as many new areas as possible. Some of these include using Dillard’s Box Office outlets to sell memberships and getting America West Airlines to be our official (and discounted) airline.

This is my opportunity to give you a little insight into the people and ideas that are DarkCon. DarkCon is the brainchild of The Dark Ones, Inc., a 501(c)10 non-profit corporation. The Dark Ones are known for their interests and activities involving the promotion of various form of art including personification, costuming, photography, brewing and of course the art of partying.

For over five years, The Dark Ones have been attending and throwing social gatherings for fandom in the Phoenix (and now Tucson and Casa Grande) area. The most well-known of course, are the big dance and beer parties at local cons, where loud rock music and free Michelob have become legendary. But I would like to point out a few other events maybe a little less known. Each year, the Dark Ones host smaller events like Grimm Christmas Tales (a fireside storytelling evening), camping trips, movie premieres (or biggest attendance (at the time of writing) 151 people for Star Trek: Generations!), and getting together to attend concerts.

The Dark Ones also support the fannish community and the community at large. We have helped many fans move their homes across town, and collect money for charities like the United Way Benefit Raffle at this year’s convention. With ten scheduled events each year and 15 – 25 movie premiers, you must surely ask what we do with all that spare time… the answer of course, is DarkCon ’95.

Welcome again,
Shadowstalker O.T.D.O.
Jeff Jennings


Convention Dates & Site

July 21 – 23, 1995

The Grace Inn at Ahwatukee
10831 S 51st St Phoenix, AZ 85044
Rooms: $52 (s/d) $62 (t/q)

Special Reimbursement
Anyone that purchased an ‘At the Door’ membership for $35.00 & stayed in the hotel at least one night was entitled to a $5.00 reimbursement from the convention on Sunday morning. This was used as a way to promote room nights at the hotel. (It didn’t work)


DarkCon 1995 Committee

Chair – Shadowstalker
Exchequer – NightFlier
Historian – Kalidasia
Special Projects – Darkyr
Hotel Liaison – Gannd
Guest Liaison – Morgan
Programming – Aryanna (Pagan)
Gaming – Oshiah
Merchant’s Bazaar – Wilgar
Security & Ops – Deadeye
Staff Lounge  – Ozzy
ConSuite – Reginod (Woody H.), Sparky (Alice F.)
Art Show – Belle
Video Room – Markus
Japanamation – Manime’ (T Perry)
Registration – Sunshine (D. Elliott)
Volunteers/Info – Leigh (Steph B)
Kid Lounge – Kalidasia
Masquerade – Lightning
Music Liaison – Singing Satyr (Garry S)
Publications – Lurker (Matt F)
Logistics – Yarrokon
Business Liaison – The Procurer (B. Bard)
Publicity – Thanatos
EMT – Blue Star (Travis G)

Guests of Honor

Simon Hawke [Author Guest]

Davin Lavikka [Artist Guest]

Joe Bethancourt [Music Guest]

Programming Notes

Friday Evening Banquet
Friday Night Dance by The Daemon Horde
Concert – Leslie Fish
Concert – Joe Bethancourt
Concert – Garry Siler
Saturday Night Masquerade
The Dark Ones Party & Dance
Sunday Charity Raffle (United Way)
Art Show
Video Room
Japanamation Room
Con Suite
Staff Lounge
Kids Lounge




DarkCon Chair

Shadowstalker – Our first DarkCon Chair.



DarkCon Exchequer

NightFlier – Our first DarkCon Exchequer.



DarkCon Historian

Kalidasia – Our first DarkCon Historian.