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Programming Events

Function Space (Sq Ft)

DarkCon 2015 was a very special event by The Dark Ones, Inc., a mini convention to celebrate two important milestones.

 This private Dark Ones Members Only event was our celebration of 20 years of DarkCon as well as 25 years as the Dark Ones. The convention was limited to just under 100 attendees and we decided to make it a very intimate affair without all the work that goes into a full blown convention. This allowed us to have some fun with our members and their families at a secret location only revealed to the general public after the event was complete. We thank you for understanding.

We also assure you that the next DarkCon will be back to full form and will once again be open to all.

Convention Dates & Site

June 26 – 28, 2015

Ouroboros House
3209 E Corrine Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Rooms: Limited*
* Speak w/Site Host

Guests of Honor

Ivanhoe – Washington
Jaguar – California
Kretin – Washington
Lefty TwoBlade – Arkansas
Prowler – Utah

Local Guest of Honor

Kytte Kat – Tucson, AZ

Sunday Brunch

NELLIE CASHMAN’S at the Kierland Resort
Scottsdale, AZ [32 person room reserved]
— Bubbles $47.48
— No Bubbles $38.49
— Kids [5 – 12] $19.25

DarkCon 2015 Commitee

Chair – Shadowstalker
Exchequer – Mortis
Historian – Margie
Clean up Coordinator – Celti
DarkSuite/Hosp Coordinator – Requiem
Exhibits – Pagan
Gaming Coordinator – Oshiah
Guest Liaison Chameleon
Kegerator Wrangler Markus
Logistics – Trailer Psycho
Photo Historian – Wilgar
Publications – Blackfeather
Quest Organizer – BlackHawke
Registration – Nikolai
Security – DILLIGAFF
Set-up Coordinator – Deadeye
Site Liaison – Ozzy
Tech Equipment/Music – Tihnkyr
Webmaster – Morgan

DarkCon VIPs

All Dark Ones Members [in Attendance]
All GoHs and VIPs received a loaded leather gift bag.
All attendees received a souvenir badge.


VIP Party [Theme: Tropical (w/Fondue)]
Prospective Quest
Pool Party & BBQ
Member Only Event/Ceremony
Member Slide Show
Member Photo (45 Members)
New Dark Ones Associate – Celti
Dark Ones Party
Champagne Brunch


42 gallons of homemade beer/cider/mead
Keg of Woodchuck Granny Smith
1/2 Keg of Fat Tire
32 lbs of ribs, 60 burgers & 10 lbs chicken
15 Gallons of Adventurer’s Stew
Souvenir Badges and Program Scrolls
Badge Ribbons – 25 year Anniversary
Badge Ribbons – Member For (by 5 yrs)
Swimming pool was heavily in use all day
Gaming Area

Shadowstalker III

Shadowstalker III

DarkCon Chair

Shadowstalker III – This is my third time as a DarkCon Chair, each convention has been a learning experience and has allowed me to use the past to build a better future.



DarkCon Exchequer

Mortis – DarkCon 2015 Exchequer



DarkCon Historian

Margie – DarkCon 2015 Historian