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DarkCon 2012 was a our largest convention to date, a DarkCon milestone.

The committee and staff went crazy with ideas ranging from Gold, Silver & Bronze levels of VIPs (all 50 of which sold out 15 months before the convention (It could have been the full length black leather trench coats they received) to our After Hours Programming which included the standing room only “Kushiel’s Dart: The Longest Night“ [Live Art Demo].

DarkCon doesn’t go to sleep when the sun goes down… we revel in the night, after the kiddies are off abed. Thursday we had the Grand Opening Celebration [with Circus Bacchus], Friday the Steampunk Party, Saturday the Dark Ones Party and Sunday the Pajama Party. All the while panels ran, games raged and all versions of adult fun did ensue.


Convention Dates & Site

January 12 – 15, 2012

Phoenix Marriott Mesa
200 North Centennial Way
Mesa, Arizona 85201
Rooms $109 / Suites $139 (s/d/t/q)

Make & Take Workshops For example: Steampunk Goggle Workshop, Fascinator Workshop and the Steampunk Gun & Holster Workshops.

Our extensive Gaming Arena opened Thurs Jan 12th at 2 pm and ran 24 hours a day until Sun evening. LARPs (Live Action Role Playing) ran every evening, there is always a game to be played and someone to play it with at DarkCon.

All conventions must eventually come to and end and we decided to end it with a bang! So it was at the DarkCon Pajama Party. We met with each other in our night ware (pajamas and such) one more time to see the end draw nigh. With the obligatory blanket fort & a visit from the Blender Children and a raucous game of Alien Sex Toys, nothing was left unexplored on the Sunday night as the convention headed off to bed.

This DarkCon had an amazing slate of guests:

Jacqueline Carey (Author) is the author of the critically acclaimed Kushiel’s Legacy series of historical fantasy novels and The Sundering epic fantasy duology, post-punk bordertown fable Santa Olivia.

Ernie Hudson (Actor) is known for his roles as Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters film series, Sergeant Albrecht in The Crow, and Warden Leo Glynn on HBO’s Oz, he has over 100 film and television credits on his resume.

Meg Foster (Actor) has graced the screen and stage since the age of 21; her best known roles are as the villainous EvilLyn from the film Masters of the Universe, and as the wrathful Hera of Hercules: The Legendary journeys.

Madame M (Artist/Author) has been making the world considerably more creepy, cutesy and curvaceous since 2000 with the release of her award-winning book, “Creepy Little Bedtime Stories.” The frightening frolicking continued throughout the decade with its sequel “Eerie Little Bedtime Stories,” as well as a casket-full of other peculiar publications such as “Trauma Queens/Trauma Kings” and the illustrations for “Tales of the Truly Grotesque.”

Ken St. Andre (Game Designer) is a fantasy author, and game designer, best known for his work with Tunnels & Trolls.

John Wick (Game Designer) is a multi-award winning game designer and author. His “Houses of the Blooded” game and LARP are both favorites of our DarkCon attendees.

Mark Greenawalt (Artist) screened 4 of his recent film projects on Thursday night at the DarkCon film festival as well doing his amazing Live Body Painting on Friday night.

Ruth Thompson (Artist) was unable to attend due to illness, yet still donated amazing amounts of art for the raffles & prizes.

Shadowstalker II

Shadowstalker II

DarkCon Chair

Shadowstalker II – was the chair of DarkCon 2012 (& DC 1995)… more info here…



DarkCon Exchequer

Marcus Carausius – was the Exchequer of DarkCon 2012, the most profitable in DarkCon’s 20 year history.



DarkCon Historian

Blaze – the Historian of DarkCon 2012 spent day and night from March of 2010 thru January or 2012 working diligently with Shadowstalker to put together this epic convention.