DarkCon throws a true Media Convention with

Jewel Staite & Peter Mayhew

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Greetings from the Chair of DarkCon 2007

    Two years in the making, this DarkCon should be a really fun event for everyone. We have hours of gaming of all kinds lined up; two fantastic media guests: Jewel Staite and Peter Mayhew; two great artist guests: Kit Rae, who is an amazing knife designer as well as print artist and Liz Danforth; and we have two gaming guests as well: Ken St. Andre and John Wick, both of whom will be sharing their gaming expertise with all of us.

    For those who don’t game we have the Gaming Widow’s suite which will have all sorts of fun events. The local Society for Creative Anachronism group is presenting a wonderful demonstration of their many activities. There is also the Star Wars themed Poker Tournament as well as the Browncoats versus Stormtroopers trivia contest. Don’t miss the Masquerade / Cosplay event! Enter it if you have any sort of costume;  there are great prizes to be won and a good time for everyone! There will be movie previews on Sunday morning with lots of great movie related give-aways.

    Anime is a newer addition to the DarkCon repertoire and we have an anime video room as well as Karaoke on Friday night. Don’t miss the Anime party that will be held in the ConSuite on Saturday night directly following the Cosplay event!

    We are doing a volunteer raffle, everyone who volunteers at the convention for more than 4 hours will receive a raffle ticket and the prizes are wonderful! Check them out at the Volunteer Table by Registration.

    And then there are the parties! DarkCon would not be complete without a Dark Ones Party and this one should be great fun. It is Serenity themed in honor of Jewel Staite, so put on your favorite Serenity style costume and come relax and dance with us.

    I hope you have a wonderful time at this rendition of DarkCon!

    [From the DarkCon 2007 Program Book]

Convention Dates & Site

January 4 – 7, 2007

Embassy Suite Phoenix North
I-17 / Greenway Rd — Phoenix, AZ
Rooms $109 (s/d/t/q)

Guests of Honor

Media Guests
Jewel Staite
Peter Meyhew

Artist Guests
Kit Rae
Liz Danforth
Gaming Guests
Ken St. Andre
John Wick

DarkCon 2007 Committee

Chair Nola Yergen-Jennings Chameleon
Historian Diane Golla-Paszt Kalidasia
Exchequer Stan Paszt Gwydion
Hotel Liaison Mike Willmoth Mammoth
Logistics Darkyr Malys Darkyr
Operations Mark Boniece Markus
Security Tom Batt DILLIGAFF
Art Display Coordinator Larry Vela Blackbird
Ambiance Margaret Grady Margi
Computer Tech Liaison Dave Thompson Ashtar
Gaming Director Jessie Foster Oshiah
LARP Coordinator Jon Kelley Snag
Merchant Liaison Steve Goldstein Wilgar
Masquerade Diane Harris (SWCG) Diane
Anime Coordinator Jodi Lewis Dark Princess
Kids Programming Coord. Jan Ali Ozzy
Programming & Special Events Coordinator Dawn Frankus Aurora
Food Services Director & ConSuite Coordinator Ben Engelsberg Ben
Staff Lounge / Green Room Rene Floetke Mischief Anne Mayhem
Publications Wendy Trakes Jade
Publicity Director Sam Mills Phantom
Media Advisor Dennis McBroom Dennis of the Titans
Registration Dave Rood Nikolai
Business Liaison Tom Coffey DarkStar
VIP Coordinator Patty Wallace Vinchensa
Web Master Sean Dunham The Waz
Group Coordinator Jeff Jennings Shadowstalker


DarkCon 2007 Chair



DarkCon 2007 Exchequer

Kalidasia II

Kalidasia II

DarkCon 20007 Historian